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Private Medical Insurance (PMI)


(PMI) is a highly valued benefit for your employees, providing them with peace of mind should they fall ill or have an accident. It is also valuable to employers, often enabling employees to return to work more quickly.


At each renewal we carry out a full market review and in almost every case we manage to get the initial terms which have been offered, reduced.  


Providers typically automatically increase the subscriptions at each renewal  but  do build in a margin. In our experience, larger brokers  generally do not test the market at each renewal,  so a company ends up paying more than is necessary.






Cash Plans


Provide money back for a range of health benefits such as Optical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Counselling and so on.


You can choose between different levels of cover and  plans start from as little as £1 per week per employee.


This can be a stand-alone benefit, or can complement a PMI scheme.


For more information please see our Factsheet on Cash Plans and Duty of Care.


Both Cash Plans and PMI can help you meet your Duty of Care responsibility to look after the health, safety and well-being of your employees at work.